Sade  Oludoyi

Sadé Oludoyi is first and foremost an avid lover of Christ, a British-born Nigerian (half igbo/half Yoruba), 26 years of age and has a career in learning and development, working in the technology industry. She is from from Essex UK and is extremely passionate about all things personal development. One of her greatest values is mentorship. Sadé currently has mentors who enable her to thrive in different aspects of her life and also mentors young ladies in the areas of confidence and career.


One of her is desires to see young women thriving, fulfilling their potential and living their best lives within the purpose God has called them for. Why? When she was younger, she had severe insecurities, didn’t have much of a voice and lacked confidence, so as she grew in maturity and confidence she developed a heart for empowering other ladies so that they can better navigate what life throws at them.


Through her hard work and ambition, Sadé is frequently asked to speak at events, panels and engages in interviews mainly focused on career and personal development. She has also been featured on blogs, most recently the #100DaysofBlackExcellence blog on Medium. Sadé hopes that she can continue to thrive and bring other ladies along with her.


Jennifer Okolo

Jennifer Okolo is a 25-year-old, bi-lingual (Dutch/English), senior occupational therapist and the founder of She Aspires Skills Academy, which focuses on narrowing the gap in career development. Jennifer aims to create a unified army of strong, career-driven women who go on to inspire others across the globe. Her endless imagination and belief in working hard to make an impact does not go unnoticed and has brought her to where she is now.  Passionate about gender equality, Jennifer has made it her mission to educate and encourage other women, as explored through social activism and numerous public speaking engagements across Europe. In 2019 she had the opportunity to be selected to represent the UK for the G7 youth delegation in Paris; leading the gender inequality policy-making group. 

Having experienced anxiety and low self-esteem from a young age till present, Jennifer uses her expertise in mental health and personal experience to advocate for wellness and productivity on her platforms. 


She has been a part of various impactful campaigns such as the #mybodyvictory campaign which was shared across a range of news publications including The Independent and is currently a Be Real ambassador (a project led by Dove) which involves supporting young people to redefine beauty and body confidence.

Jennifer continues to be an advocate for the rights of women and is on a mission to change the world and force new ways of thinking into traditional spaces. 

Her sass, ambition, faith in Christ and caring nature creates the perfect blend for the millennial woman who knows no limits to her journey.

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Bianca Bruce

Bianca is 27 years of age, of Caribbean descent and from the south east area of London where she has spent the majority of her life.

Due to her work in sales, marketing and  involvement in community based initiatives, Bianca sees herself as a multifaceted creative who’s faith in God fuels her to help and encourage women from similar life paths. Bianca's line of work is in the field of Brand Identity and is the founder of  Classhouse Creative Group, an agency specialising in brand identity, content creation and project launches. In 2020 alone, she hosted several online courses and developed a workbook that introduced new female business owners to the basics of branding.  


One of Bianca's sole passions, is to create safe spaces for young women to address, heal and connect.
Through sharing her story of grief and self-worth, and through hosting events, she has been given opportunities to travel and connect with women as far as Leeds, Birmingham, Ireland, Ghana and the US. Bianca has dedicated herself to living a God fulfilled life and using her experiences to enlighten, empower and educate those whom she comes into contact with.


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