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S3 E3: No money, more problems Ft. Kia Commodore (Founder of Pennies To Pounds)

Ever heard of 'more money, more problems'?. Well in this episode, we're joined by the amazing Kia Commodore from the podcast and online platform, Pennies to pounds, as she talks us through the dangers of not being careful with your finances, and how being careless in your financial decision making can have great consequences later down the line.

Here are just a few time stamps:

13:40 - How we view money and handle our finances has a lot do with our upbringing and how our parents handled money.

15: 30 - There's a major lack of conversation regardging generational wealth withtin the black community.

16:30 - Dealing with social media and all the cons never gets easier, you should rather learn how to manage it better.

20:00 - Limitng your time on social media is a major part of maintaining your mental health.

23: 50 - The only way to keep money is to ensure you spend it properly.

24: 40 - Live your life through lessons, not regrets.

29:50 - Don't be afraid to be honest and open with your loved ones about your financial situation in predicaments where you

feel pressured to spend an amount you can't afford.

33:00 - Everything you need to know about negative interest rates.

34:00 - How to navigate financially through the pandemic of COVID-19.

38:30 - Finanicial advice for 18-25 year olds on spending, saving and investing.

To hear and learn more from Kia on financial literacy, head to her website and to her Youtube channel

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