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S3 E4: ''Our twenties are for 6 figures and mortgages. Keeping up?''

Do you ever feel suffocated by the internal and external pressures to meet socially curated milestones in your twenties? Well, you’re not alone as so many of us are in the same boat and frankly speaking we’ve had it up to our necks with the feeling that we have to meet certain expectations just because we’re in our twenties. In this episode, Sadé and Jennifer discuss some of the parallels they’ve faced with comparison stemming from home, school, friendship groups and more, now filtering into their adulthood where career standards and having to pay for rent whilst living at home is also becoming a factor.

Here are a few timestamps for your listening pleasure:

10:47 – ‘Social Media makes it seems like getting your house at a young age is the norm’

12:25 – ‘From the outside looking in, it looked like she had bought her home, but it was given to her’

14:10 – ‘I’ve realised how difficult marriage is, so I am willing to take my time with it’

20:10 – ‘Our people are comparing themselves with people that are stealing money’

30:00 – ‘We started comparing ourselves right from secondary school. The teachers put us in different sets’

48:21 – ‘ I don’t think your parents should pressure you into contributing financially to the home. It should be a thing that you desire to do’

52:15 – She’s all that! Celebrating a boss babe. Email or DM us to nominate someone!

Listen here:

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