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S3 E6: 'Creative who? Go and get a real job!'

Updated: Jan 27

An episode almost every millennial can relate to! This time around we discuss the ins and outs of being a creative, from how our very traditional parents react to our pursuit of creative careers, to the opinions surrounding inspiration vs imitation. We also dive into the latest Clubhouse controversy in our Oh My Pod, and give poet Amanda Gorman the accolades she deserves in our She's All That.

Here are just a few time stamps:

11:44 - Oh My Pod segment, is social media becoming more toxic than ever?

25:33 - What EXACTLY is a creative?

32:55 - We discuss whether people forcing being a creative/entrepreneur.

46:56 - Is it worth leaving the security of a 9-5?

48:27 - If given the opportunity are people likely to go into being a creative full-time if it made more money?

1:00:00 - One of the few positive shifts happening in our world today, and the blossoming of an amazing black female poet.

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